Mar 27, 2013

Congress To Telecommute?

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US Rep. Steve Pearce
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New Mexico Rep. Steve Pearce has re-introduced a resolution to the US House of Representatives that would allow Congressmen to telecommute to Washington over the Internet instead of having to travel to the nation's capital to handle business.

Pearce submitted a similar resolution in 2010, but it was shot down.

From RT:
A US congressman last week introduced a resolution that would establish a “virtual Congress” – a legislature in which lawmakers could work remotely and ‘telecommute’ to Washington using nothing more than a computer.
New Mexico Rep. Steve Pearce first introduced the idea in Nov. 2010, but lawmakers initially rejected the idea. But the legislator is determined to pass the resolution and has brought it back to the House, arguing that it would allow representatives to be closer to constituents by working and living in their home states.
The resolution was assigned to a congressional committee on March 21, which will decide whether to pass it on the House or Senate floor for a vote. Although the bill is unpopular, Pearce believes that evolving technology has made telecommuting easier than ever and that a “virtual Congress” lies in the inevitable future.
If this passes, then Representatives could potentially save tax payer dollars on airfare flying them from their home districts to the Capital multiple times per year. Instead, they could just pull up a computer and handle their voting on certain bills and resolutions.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think it's a good one? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.
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