Mar 16, 2012

Another Ode To Epic Meal Time

This video has been a long time coming. If you don't remember, back in November I filmed myself making a ridiculous meat loaf filled with bacon, mac and cheese and McDonalds sausage biscuits with egg and cheese. It was so damn good, and so damn bad for my heart! It was my original Ode to Epic Meal Time, one of the most outragsous cooking shows on Youtube.

Well, my co-workers Frank and Rachel were simply inspired and decided to one-up me by throwing a party and making their own versions. They made two loafs though, one healthy (Bull shit) using turkey, chicken nuggets, french fries, turkey bacon and some other junk; the other was ground beef, real bacon, cheese burgers, onion rings and other junk as well. That means a double dose of epicosity!

Check it out!


Did your arteries clog up while watching? Did it sound good to you? Let me know in the comments! tags:                 

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