Jan 25, 2012

Ubuntu Getting Rid of Menus for HUD? Screw That!

I have been a long time Ubuntu user. I have used it since at least version 5.04. It has seriously been the base for all things I have ever learned in Linux. Like most people I started out on the Linux desktop with Ubuntu and moved up to servers when I started getting more familiar with the terminal and it's commands. Things have been changing on Ubuntu a lot over the last few releases, and I'm now rather over the awesomeness that Ubuntu once was.

I just read today that the upcoming release of Ubuntu, version 12.04, is doing another drastic change. The last big one was forcing Unity down everyone's throats. Some people like it I guesss, but I'm a Gnome man and I like to keep my UI's the way they are. I am familiar with them, and I know where everything is. When Ubuntu made Unity the default I started to get a little ticked at them. With the news I learned about today that they are going to ditch their menus for a HUD or Head's Up Display, they are replacing menus from all the apps with a friggin' search bar! WTF is that?

Check out this video:

I mentioned in my latest Tech Chop video that I was thinking about changing Linux distros this year. This is just another thing that is motivating me, and I'm sure lots of others, to another platform. Maybe I'm a little pig-headed about changes like this, but the old UI, and menu system worked well. Very well in fact, and I just don't see the importance of changing that. 

What do you think about the new HUD system? Think it will be easier to use? Think it will suck because every little command you want to do you have to run through the search box? Let me know your take on it in the comments! Also, if you have recently switched away from Ubuntu, what's your distro of choice now?

[Via Geek.com

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