Aug 10, 2011

Create Your Own Multi-Boot Linux USB Swiss Army Knife of Epic Pwnage!

I, like a lot of you, have a few USB keys laying around. Often times we have one or two in our pockets. Some times they carry random bits of data, or portable programs. Others contain live Linux operating systems. I for one usually have a USB Flash drive with Bauer-Puntu Linux on it in case I have to troubleshoot a Windows PC or reset a password. I'm sure you probably carry one of your favorites as well. Knoppix or BackTrack perhaps?

Maybe you have multiple USB thumb drives in your pocket with different distros on each. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to store all of your favorite live distros on one USB key? It turns out you can, and it's really easy to do. Allow me to introduce you to YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) from Pendrive Linux.

Here is how it works from their page:

[YUMI] enables each user to create their own custom Multiboot UFD containing only the distributions they want, in the order by which they are installed. A new distribution can be added to the UFD each time the tool is run.

Pretty simple right? You can easily do the above in four easy steps:

  1. Run YUMI following the onscreen instructions
  2. Run the tool again to Add More ISOs/Distributions to your Drive
  3. Restart your PC setting it to boot from the USB device
  4. Select a distribution to Boot from the Menu and enjoy!

Pretty cool right? What Linux distros are you going to put on your ultimate Linux Swiss Army Knife of Pwnage? Let us know in the comments! tags:          

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