May 11, 2011

How To Configure Your HTC EVO With Microsoft BPOS

I just started a new job on Monday, and luckily for me managing Microsoft Exchange is something that I don't have to worry about anymore. That is because since this company is so small, they opted to have their email hosted using Microsoft Online Services. Great news for me because although I like managing Exchange, and it is a great technology, it can also be a pain in the arse when issues arrise. Sometimes it is just nice to not have to deal with headache's like managing email and spam, and mailflow etc.

So since I am working at the new gig, and I still have my HTC EVO, I wanted to configure my business email for my phone. The problem is that Microsoft does not give any instructions for configuring android phones for Microsoft Exchange Online. Since Microsoft didn't have a write on it, i thought I would do the interwebz a favor and write up something real quick on how to configure your HTC Evo from Sprint with Microsoft's BPOS.

  1. On your Evo click on Mail > Menu >More > New account
  2. Don't enter any info, just click Manual Setup
  3. Make sure you have set the following info: 
  4. Protocol: Exchange
    Email Address: Your Email Address
    Server: (For United States. Click here if not in the US)
    Domain: Leave blank
    Username: Your Email Address
    Password: Your BPOS password

  5. After you have the above information, make sure the checkbox to secure your your connection with SSL is checked

That's it, just continue with the rest of your setup, and everything should work out fine. tags:            


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