Feb 16, 2011

A Must Have For Android: Lookout Mobile Security

I loves me some apps on my HTC Evo. I also like to tinker with my phone, root it, blow it up, and what not. It’s sort of what I do. What I don’t always like is after I’m done testing an app, or modding my phone someway, and I have to rebuild. It’s just not fun.

Today I was browsing through the Google App market on my phone looking for a new Twitter application to play with, and I came across an app that I have seen before and decided to give it a try. This app boasts free antivirus/anti-spyware, cloud backup and the ability to track down a lost phone. Yes, I said for free! I figured, why the hell not and promptly downloaded it. On a side note, look out for RackSpace cloud computing for your cloud needs.

This app is called Lookout Mobile Security, and it does exactly what I mentioned above. In the free version it will backup all your contacts to the cloud for free, protect your computer from malware, and if you ever lose your phone you can find it on a map. Heck, if you lose your phone in your apartment, you can make your phone set off a loud siren so you can find it! (Perfect for my wife). If someone steals your phone, imagine their embarrassment when the phone they boosted starts squawking loudly drawing attention to them. Can’t be fun for them.


Also, not only can you control setting, backup your phone and more from the app on your phone, you can also login using your account on the My Lookout website and remotely control your security from anywhere.

They have a premium version as well that is free to try for 30 days, and is only $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Cheap if you ask me!

With the premium version you get the same stuff as above plus:

  • Ability to backup photos and call history
  • Remotely wipe your phone if it gets lost or stolen
  • Remotely lock your phone if it gets lost or stolen
  • Privacy dashboard
  • Privacy scans
  • Premium support

This app isn’t only available for Android users either. There is a version for Blackberry and Windows Mobile as well. Sorry iPhone users, you can suck it!

All in all, $2.99 per month for a little peace of mind isn’t a bad deal. Plus the next time I blow up my phone, I know I can easily restore my data from the cloud.

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