Jan 24, 2011

Tech Chop Episode 5 – What is Linux?

So I got an email a little while back from a viewer of Tech Chop who was obviously a computer newbie, and wasn’t sure what Linux was. Don’t laugh, because there apparently are a lot of people who haven’t been properly introduced to the wonder that is Linux, and open source.

So I decided to put together a quick explanation on what Linux was. If you didn’t know, Linux is an open source and usually free operating system that one could use as an alternative to Microsoft Windows or even Mac OSX. I say usually free because, like I mention in the video, there are some proprietary versions of Linux that aren’t free. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an example of that.

So here it is, Tech Chop Episode 5 brought to you by TBC Creative Multimedia Design:



The Distros mentioned in this episode were:

If you are new to Linux, might I suggest my own personal distro? It is called Bauer-Puntu Linux, and is based on Ubuntu except I have pre-packaged it with some helpful computer troubleshooting tools, and a few hacking tools as well.

Are you a Linux newb? Got any questions? Hit me up in the comments.

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